How does 'Week to Week' work?

All games last 1 week (Tuesday-Monday) and payouts are distributed by end of day Tuesday. Games must reach the player limit (set per game) to become active.

If a game doesn’t reach the player limit the full entry fee for the game will be refunded to your balance. In the case of an exact tie (to two decimal places) the total prize for that place will be divided among the tied place.

Can I change my picks?

You may change each pick up until 10 minutes prior until that player's team's scheduled kickoff time. Once that time occurs a pick is 'Locked In' and may not be changed.

How do I tell how I'm doing?

Each game has a unique page that list all players inside of the league and the current standings. Just click on a Game name to see how you are doing. You can also click on the score to expand into single player pick details.

Is the scoring accurate?

Scoring is about 30 minutes delayed from real time. Statistical corrections can be made up until 12AM EST Tuesday of the following week.

What is a 'Player Limit'?

Player limits are the legal requirement a game must hit in order to actually happen. If the game does not hit the player limit by the final football game of the week, the money is refunded to your balance and there are no winners or losers for that week's game.

Is my money safe?

All money transitions are handled safely and securely through PayPal. We do not have access to your PayPal account or any credit or debit card you use to deposit or withdrawal. We are located in New York and in compliance with Federal gaming laws.

Can I create my own league?

Yes you can create, promote and even profit from your own league if you live outside of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Vermont, Kansas or Montana. Anyone, in any state can create their own free league. For more information check out our New League Start Page.

Is playing fantasy for money legal?

Yes, fantasy sports is considered a game of skill and received a specific exemption from the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA 2006). PoundFF uses rules for paid games to comply with this act.

Studies by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association have estimated that around 73% of fantasy sports players play paid fantasy games (i.e. games with an entry fee). To meet this demand, major networks such as Yahoo, ESPN, CBS, NBC and Fox all offer pay to play fantasy sports games.

The laws relating to fantasy sports varies by state however in the vast majority of them fantasy sports is considered a game of skill and therefore legal. In most states a game of skill is classed as game where skill is the predominant factor in determining the winner. The states where our lawyers believe the law is unclear or questionable about the legality of fantasy sports are Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Vermont, Kansas or Montana. Therefore we do not offer paid entry games to residents of those states.

In 2006 the federal government passed a law called the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act which was designed to prevent gambling over the internet. The law included a carve out that clarified the legality of fantasy sports.

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