Earning some extra money has never been easier with the Dollar Football Referral program. Here's how it works. Just sign up for DollarFootball, and then invite your Friends & Family to play through Facebook or Email with the URL below. You'll earn $1.50 for each person who signs up! Even better - there's no separate account. Your money goes right into your DollarFootball account balance. Cash it out, OR use it to set some line ups and grow your winnings even more!

Here's the URL to invite people with. Remember to replace "your-username" with your actual DollarFootball username (that's how we track that the sign up originated from you).

Tips for Cash

Other affiliate members are having luck messaging the URL to friends on Facebook. Their messages look something like this:

"Hey bud - I'm having fun playing daily fantasy football at and I thought you might think it was cool and want to play. The games are just $5, it takes only a few seconds to set a line up, and it really makes Sunday exciting! Check it out."


John K. (Top Affiliate)

"The instant anyone played through my link the cash was already in my account to game with or push to my PayPal immediately. Much better than all the crazy fine print the FanDuel and DraftKings programs have."